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      When posting Prayer Requests, please remember a few simple guidelines.

      First, be very specific and to the point when submitting your prayer request. This allows the readers to see very quickly what the prayer request is all about. If possible, please try to keep your prayer requests submissions to no longer than just a few sentences or so. There is no need to write a whole long book or story. The Heavenly Father knows all the particular details. So please just post only the minimum relevant details necessary. Please only submit prayer requests for yourself, or for someone that you know personally. This will help to keep the forum less cluttered with a whole lot of generic but non-personal prayer requests (example….”Please pray for all the people of the world” type prayer requests etc. While that type of prayer request may sound good and everything, the reality is that it does not really connect the members of this group to the other members on an individual basis. The purpose of this prayer request forum is intended to uplift, encourage, and provide support to ‘each other’. [Matthew 18:20])

      Secondly, please be thoughtful and considerate in posting prayer requests. Please do not use the Prayer Request forums to be used as actually a “complaint” forum to vent frustrations with certain individuals, politicians, political parties, particular church denominations, etc. Remember, we all belong to the Body of Christ, and the purpose of this Prayer Request forum is intended for prayer,encouragement, fellowship and support amongst our individual members only and not to make political statements or to verbally attack people in this world who we do not agree with etc. Also, this is not a forum to be used as a soapbox to proclaim different individuals “doctrines” etc. This forum is for genuine and sincere prayer requests only. Any post that may be considered to cause division, confusion, or argumentation, may be deleted or removed by the administrators.

      Also, when replying or commenting on other people’s prayer requests – please also remember to use a lot of grace, tact, wisdom, mercy and thoughtfulness when commenting. The purpose of a reply should be only to encourage and support and uplift the person who submitted the prayer request and their prayer need. Replies should not be discouraging, disparaging, disputing, negative, or come across as judgmental. If anyone does need any spiritual “correction” in their lives – please leave that up to the local church to carry that out in each person’s life. That is not the job of any members of this forum. So replies and comments to Prayer Requests should be for support and encouragement only! Also once again, please remember that this is not a forum to be used to dispute, argue, or to preach any “doctrinal” matters either. Any violations to this policy may result in a member being banned, or such posts may be deleted by the administrators. Thank you and God Bless!

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      • This topic was modified 7 years, 7 months ago by job28.
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